Vertical Women

The ability to deepen our walk with the Lord through connection is so important.  Since many of you are in a Life Group and being fed there, we wanted to add events throughout the year that will allow you to further the relationships you have and build new ones. It's also on our hearts to have a place for unchurched friends to come and meet our family.

 All women from 6th grade on up are welcome, whether you're single, married, young or old, there's something for you! 


  • Planting and Painting
    Ladies, join us Saturday, June 4, at the McCulloughs' house for our Planting and Painting women's event. We will be planting and decorating flower pots that you can take home with you and spending time outside if the weather permits. So wear comfortable clothes and bring a snack to share! The event starts at 5:00pm. 

    Contact Trish for the address and to let her know you are coming >>

Weekly Worship Service

9:30am | Sundays at the Wilson Senior Center
2601 W Howard Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53221