Church at Home

At Vertical, we prioritize the weekly gathering of God's people. Although we are unable to gather together on Sunday mornings at this time, we don't want to forsake "meeting" together as a church in worship. We invite you to join us Live on Facebook and YouTube Sunday mornings at 9:30 as we gather together online in worship and the Word. We have also provided a service plan below with links to the worship service video, sermon notes page, and materials for you to conduct a time of Bible teaching with your children. These resources will also be sent out via email on Sunday morning. You can sign up to be added to our email list HERE.

While we won't be gathering together physically, we believe that God is going to meet you wherever you are as we join together as a church across the city, online.
You are loved.

Church at Home Resources

ServiCe PLan for APRIL 5, 2020

Vertical Kids RESOURCES for April 5, 2020

We would love to pray for you! We have a prayer team that receives prayer requests from our church body weekly. If you would like to keep your request confidential, you can let us know that it is just for the staff and elder team. You can submit your request below.


 Our secure electronic giving platform is available for weekly tithes and offerings. 


COVID-19 UPDATE (3.13.20)

Out of love and consideration for our community, and in humble submission to the requests of our governing authorities, the elders have made the difficult decision to cancel our in-person Sunday worship service for the foreseeable future. Details concerning COVID-19 are continually emerging, but according to the information currently available to us, it is very possible that this virus can be passed to others even before symptoms appear. There is a very real possibility that by gathering together, we could be unknowingly passing around a virus that could be harmful to those we love--especially the elderly and immune compromised around us. This pertains to us as a church even more greatly as we meet in a recreation center for senior adults. 

Because the circumstances surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19) are constantly changing, the elders will continue to assess the situation and its effect on our church on a weekly basis. We will do our best to clearly communicate any additional changes or updates to you as they arise.

As we move forward together through this crisis, would you join us in prayer in the following ways?

  • Pray that God would grant us faith to set an example to those around us by not giving into fear and panic. Remember, God is sovereign. None of this has taken Him by surprise.
  • Pray that God would grant us wisdom in how we conduct ourselves as a church -- being preventative, considerate, and prepared.
  • Pray that God would use this time as a means of causing His people to grow in their faith and in their love and service of one another.
  • Pray for those affected by COVID-19, those who are vulnerable to its spread, and our leaders as they do everything they can to stop its spread and care for those affected.

Pastor Jesse will still be available to meet if needs arise. We encourage you to take time in the coming days and weeks to reach out to others within the church for mutual prayer and encouragement. Consider, too, how you can be the hands and feet of Christ to those around you. Pick up groceries for your elderly neighbor so they don't have to go out in public. Be a calm, caring, and hopeful presence to those around you who are living in fear. Let us leverage this opportunity to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ.
You are loved.